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Our Vision

Every semester on every college campus there is a course where students learn about social action by doing it.


The key component of this model is that students in a course choose a campaign to work on and attempt to enact a policy change on campus or in the community by making demands of a decision-maker. This student-led transformative model develops critical thinking and democratic skills, and prepares students to be leaders in the non-profit, government, and business sectors.
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Words from the Director:        Scott Myers-Lipton, Ph.D.

In 2006, Dr. Scott Myers-Lipton created a course using social action at San José State University. Ever since, he has been refining this transformative pedagogy and curriculum. Scott believes that social action can breathe new life into our democracy by having students do change rather than just talk about it.

Words from the Students:

Elisha - Social Action Student
Lana - Social Action Student
Elizabeth - Social Action Student
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