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San José State students won their demand for a 12-bed emergency program for homeless students.


Our Mission

Our vision is that on every campus every semester, there is a course where students can learn about social action by doing it. Social action is a transformative experiential learning model where students in a college course launch their own campaign or join a community organization's campaign. The Teaching Social Action Initiative has developed academic curriculum and pedagogy to help create the next generation of democratic citizens.

Words from the Director:        Scott Myers-Lipton, Ph.D.

In 2006, Dr. Scott Myers-Lipton created a course using social action at San José State University. Ever since, he has been refining this transformative pedagogy and curriculum. Scott is a great believer that social action can help revive and breathe new life into our democracy by giving college students the opportunity to launch and work on student-led campaigns.

Elisha - Social Action Student
Lana - Social Action Student
Elizabeth - Social Action Student
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