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Student Campaigns

In the fall of 2022, twenty-three student campaigns were implemented in nine social action courses and co-curricular workshops on seven college campus (see below). You can also view the student campaigns on Mural board (click here and enter as a visitor).
In the spring of 2023, fifteen student ca
mpaigns were implemented in four social action courses on four college campus. Click here to view the spring, 2023 student campaigns.




Student Communication (Informabeav):

Demands a more effective communication platform regarding weekly activities, comprehensive sex education to incoming students that addresses sexual identify, gender, consent, safe sex practices, and sexually transmitted infections.   


Students against Sexual Misconduct:

Demands Title IX training for all students, not just athletes, where the training treats students like adults.

Free Store (Thirty Beavers): Demands a space on campus, and hygiene and sexual health products.






Lynx Initiative for Equitable Housing:

Demands a fully funded Right to Counsel program for Memphis tenants.

Rhodes Students for Payday Lending Reform:

Demands the interest rates be capped at 19-38%, not the current 400%.

Students for Free Hearts:

Demands the passage of Amendment 3 in the Tennessee Constitution, which removes the language that allows the use of slavery and involuntary servitude as a criminal punishment, replacing it with the statement "slavery and involuntary servitude are forever prohibited".  

Lynx Walk N' Roll:

Demands the City of Memphis commits to a “Vision Zero” strategy aimed at eliminating pedestrian fatalities across the city using tactical public art (Ghost Bikes) to build support through petition process.



Bears Against Student Hunger:

Demands the creation of a need-based fund that enables students to use leftover meal swipes and donations to aid food insecurity, and provides funds to students with dining dollars on their Bear cards to be used at the cafeteria. 




Know What You Eat:

Demands that the dining hall provide nutritional information on all food options.

Back Out, Don't Black Out:

Demands town bartenders to undergo training to recognize signs of alcohol poisoning, and to implement a fine for town bars that consistently over-serve students.

Campus Mental Health Restoration:

Demands that Student Counseling Services accept students' health insurance to pay for counseling visit, and to update SCS website to enable online scheduling

Sexual Health and Education on Campus:

Demands comprehensive sex education to incoming students that addresses sexual identify, gender, consent, safe sex practices, and sexually transmitted infections.





Women Against Period Poverty (WAPP):

Demands that SJSU provides menstrual hygiene products in all restrooms on campus at no additional cost.

Students Against Mass Incarceration (SAMI):

Demands the reallocation of funds ($747 million) for Santa Clara's New Main Jail Project for mental health & re-entry services, and for  the County to create a 3-digit phone line for TRUST, where residents can receive mental health services in a crisis without a police response. 

Students for Fair Housing (S4H):

Demands from the City funds to support an office of legal representation for everyone who is facing an eviction proceeding.  

Students Against Sexual Assault (SASA):

Title IX Office recruits and fills all vacant positions and develops a plan to retain staff, but excludes people involved with the Scott Shaw case, and demands that the report of complicit employees be released to SJSU students and Public by the end of October.

Healthy Food Alliance:

Demands More healthy options without excluding unhealthy options at all establishments and vending machines on campus.  KARLA


Bamboo Shade 4 Students:

Demands San Jose allocates $50,000 to build bamboo shade structures over select benches, and makes sure proper funds are allocated for the proper growth and design of bamboo structures.


Women's Repro Health Awareness:

Demands that SJSU regularly updates accurate information on the health center website to reflect what is actually offered on campus (update bi-annually), and provides blood pregnancy tests on campus.

Solidarity for Asian American and Pacific Islanders (SAAPI):

Demands more funding funding and staff to the Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) Student Success Center, and to  create a support group for AAPI students

Justice for Health Care:

Demands that Evan Low votes Yes and openly support CA Guaranteed Health Care for All Act (AB1400-Kalra).

SJSU Happy Minds:

Demands the inclusion of a short presentation during new student orientation about the Counseling and Psychology Services (CAPS), and for SJSU to have a mental health day each semester where students will be given opportunities to learn more about the resources available to them.

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