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Below is a list of courses and co-curricular workshops using social action being taught around the nation. Click on the below links to view the syllabi, as well as to learn about the student campaigns in the course.

Fall & Winter '23 Courses

Previous Semesters

Civic Engagement

Climate Crisis

Co-Curricular Workshop

Communication Studies:

Peace and Justice Studies:

Political Science:

Public Administration

Public Health:

Social Work


Sport Management:

Urban Studies:

  • Austin Harrison, Urban Politics & Policy, Rhodes College

    • Lynx Initiative for Equitable Housing

    • Rhodes Students for Payday Lending Reform

    • Students for Free Hearts: Passage of Amendment 3 in TN Constitution

    • Students for Bike-Walk Memphis

Future Semesters

Climate Crisis


Ethnic Studies

  • Jesica Fernández, Research Justice for Social Action, Santa Clara University


  • Stephanie Sena, Social Change and the Law, Villanova Law School.

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